Google I/O Registrations postponed by a week

by Anoop Naik on 8th April, 2014 last updated 23rd July, 2017

Google I/O Registrations postponed by a week

If you were thinking of waking up early in the morning today to submit your name in a quest to attend the Google I/O, well, I have a bad news for you. Google I/O registration dates have been postponed by a week and the registration window will be open from April 15th to April 18th.

The reason for the last minute change in the registration window is due to the fact that Google is not actually ready with system that will randomly pick the users.

Google notified about this change in a Google+ post and also brought to the notice of users on the Google I/O registration page.

Google says:

We're still working to make the registration process even easier for you, and it will now be open four days starting next week (opening next Tuesday and closing Friday).

The registration window is now extended to four days (previously three days). No matter how early or late you register, only the lucky ones selected will get to attend Google I/O. General Admission Ticket costs $900 where as
Academic Admission Ticket costs $300.

While registering to purchase an Academic Admission Ticket keep the below mentioned point in mind else be ready to lose your money as well as the chance to attend Google I/O event.

If you buy an academic ticket and can't provide academic documentation during check-in at Google I/O, you won't be admitted or offered a refund, nor will you be able to convert your ticket to general admission. Please be sure to bring a current school ID or other proof that you are qualified to receive this special rate when you check in at the conference.

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