Google Now comes to desktop in Chrome beta

by Anoop Naik on 4th February, 2014 last updated 23rd July, 2017

Google Now Chrome Beta

Google announced on their Chrome blog that Google Now can now be accessed through desktop using the latest beta version of Chrome.

If you are already using Google Now on Android or iOS, you could just sign in to Chrome with the same account and get notifications in the browser on your desktop. The notifications will be shown as Google Now cards in a separate notification panel inside the browser.

Google Now is a virtual personal assistant which gives you the right information at the right time. So next time when you have a date, it will intelligently assess the situation and tell you to leave office early if the traffic is heavy. It can connect with your Calendar and remind you of the important events coming up or inform you if your flight is delayed.

Google Now is so much helpful keeping you informed about nearby events which you might be interested in, traffic and weather updates, reminders, sports scores and many more.

In case you feel overwhelmed with Google Now notifications after using it your Chrome beta, just uncheck the Google Now Box present in the notification area settings and you are good to go.

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