Google's Project Hera: Bridging Android, Chrome and the Web

by Anoop Naik on 7th April, 2014 last updated 23rd July, 2017


Google's Project Hera, is the rumored project that aims at bridging Android, Chrome and Web to give the user a one-stop experience to control all the tasks. Project Hera may arrive in the next build of Android which might be launched at Google I/O in June.

The rumors reported are not totally clear on how Project Hera works but we will try give you a basic idea about it. The main objective of Project Hera is to make the native Android apps, web apps in Chrome and the Google Search to synchronize with each other and present to you easier ways to perform the tasks related to them.

According to AndroidPolice, It will include the integration of HTML5 apps into native Android apps and Android Operating System. This integration will allow users to perform tasks without the need to open the full-fledged application. This could really bring in a great change in the way we multitask. Chromium instances will be created instead of opening the app.

Here is an example which explains how project Hera can help you with your tasks. Say you signed up for a new website and you receive a confirmation link in your email. In normal scenario, you would have to open your email and then click the confirmation link to verify. With Project Hera, this gets easier, you will get a button displayed on the intermediate interface which will allow you to verify without opening the email.

Samsung has already integrated HTML5 apps in its Tizen operating system and now it seems like Google's turn to do the same. This could mean a more unified as well as a faster experience offered to the user in a web view.

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