Lechal: A Bluetooth enabled Smartshoe for navigation and fitness

by Anoop Naik on 25th July, 2014 last updated 26th August, 2017

Ducere Lechal Bluetooth Smartshoe

Its the era of wearable technology and we had wearables in the form of Smartwatches and Smartglasses. Here is an addition to these: A Smartshoe.

Ducere Technologies Pvt., an Indian startup, has manufactured the next big thing in wearable technology. The Smartshoe dubbed as "Lechal" is a Bluetooth enabled shoe and will sync up with the app on your smartphone to make your navigation easier.

Similar to Google Glass, the Smartshoe will use Google maps to help you navigate once you set your destination. It is considered to be India's answer to Google Glass (which is not available in India at present).

How does the Lechal Smartshoe work?

The Lechal Smartshoe is built with hap-tic technology which means you will get a vibratory feedback. Just wear the shoes and set the destination using the app on your smartphone and forget. The app will track your GPS location and sync with Google Maps to guide you through your journey. If there is a right turn in your selected path, the app will send a signal to the shoes via Bluetooth and the right shoe will vibrate giving an indication to turn right.

This vibratory feedback is not just limited to walking. You can get accurate feedback while you are riding, commuting or jogging. This eliminates going through the pain of staring at your smartphone every minute to check if you are on the right path.

You can also track the number of steps and the amount of calories burnt. This also fulfills your need for fitness tools. You can set goals on your app and you will get vibratory feedback when you achieve them. I would say this is a mashup of Google Glass and Fitness Tracker (band). Another great advantage is, it doesn't feel awkward to use it unlike Google Glass.

There is more to it. It will give you alerts in the form of vibration if your phone is not in close proximity. If you are traveling to new destinations, it will give you automatic notifications of landmarks in the vicinity and also place of interest. This is so cool.

What is the price of such a smartshoe?

No, it is not going to be as costly as Google Glass ($1500) and not even close to it. It will be hardly 10% of what Google Glass costs. It will be priced between $100 and $150. That's a pretty amazing price for even a normal shoe. This shoe has got the looks. The shoe will not only give you feedback to take a turn but also make several heads turn while you go past them.


If you do not want to buy the shoe, there are Bluetooth enabled Insoles available as well. You can tuck these insoles into most shoes and it will work just fine like the smartshoe. Of course, this will be priced a lower than the smartshoe. I would really suggest you go for the smartshoe instead of the insoles. The Lechal Smartshoes will be available in September.

Watch the video to see Lechal Smartshoe in action.

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