Moto360 is rumored to use sapphire glass and wireless charging

by Anoop Naik on 21st March, 2014 last updated 23rd July, 2017

Moto360 is rumored to use sapphire glass and wireless charging

Motorola announced its Android Wear-powered smartwatch, the Moto360, on Tuesday. The announcement did not include any spec about the classy looking smartwatch.

Moto360 will be launching this summer, a couple more months from now. The rumors about Moto360's specs have already started to fly around.

Motorola, during the official announcement, had hinted that Moto360 will use a secret battery-charging technology. According to the rumors on G for Games, that secret technology will be wireless charging of Moto360 using magnetic induction. The coil in the charging station(could be a pad or a box) will transfer energy to the coil in the smartwatch which can be then used to charge the battery.

Apart from the wireless charging, it is also rumored to get Sapphire glass face to make it scratch-resistant. It would be great on Motorola's part to use the sapphire glass which is much more stronger than the normally used Gorilla Glass.

It is also said to sport an AMOLED display to reduce the battery consumption. OLEDs have a better battery life as compared to the LCDs used in most smartwatches. They can produce deeper black color by just shutting off individual pixels.

A Motorola spokesperson declined to comment on the rumor but added that there is more to come. We cannot wait to know a cooler way to charge our smartphones, Motorola spill it out.

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