Google Domains: Domain Registration Service Launched

by Anoop Naik on 25th June, 2014 last updated 23rd July, 2017


Google is known to try its hand at everything and here we are with one of its new products. A Domain Registration Service.

Google Domains is what it is called and you can check it out at This is currently in the beta phase and will be serving on an invite-only basis. This could be a real competitor to the existing and established services like GoDaddy.

Google I/O Registrations postponed by a week

by Anoop Naik on 8th April, 2014 last updated 23rd July, 2017

Google I/O Registrations postponed by a week

If you were thinking of waking up early in the morning today to submit your name in a quest to attend the Google I/O, well, I have a bad news for you. Google I/O registration dates have been postponed by a week and the registration window will be open from April 15th to April 18th.

The reason for the last minute change in the registration window is due to the fact that Google is not actually ready with system that will randomly pick the users.

Google's Project Hera: Bridging Android, Chrome and the Web

by Anoop Naik on 7th April, 2014 last updated 23rd July, 2017


Google's Project Hera, is the rumored project that aims at bridging Android, Chrome and Web to give the user a one-stop experience to control all the tasks. Project Hera may arrive in the next build of Android which might be launched at Google I/O in June.

The rumors reported are not totally clear on how Project Hera works but we will try give you a basic idea about it. The main objective of Project Hera is to make the native Android apps, web apps in Chrome and the Google Search to synchronize with each other and present to you easier ways to perform the tasks related to them.

Google acquires Apple for $500 billion

by Anoop Naik on 1st April, 2014 last updated 23rd July, 2017

Google acquires Apple for $500 billion

Google acquired Apple Inc. on Tuesday for $500 billion. This is the biggest acquisition in history and whatever you read prior to this is false, to fool you. Got you, April fool.

But seriously, if this happens it would really be great. I love Google for what it has become now. Starting out as a search engine and slowly providing products like Adwords, Adsense, Analytics, Drive and many other. How can we forget the Android operating system they created. It has the major market share among mobile operating systems.

Try Google Naps to find places where you can nap

by Anoop Naik on 30th March, 2014 last updated 23rd July, 2017

Try Google Naps to find places where you can nap

Google Naps is a parody of Google Maps. Two guys from Netherlands, Kakhiel and Venour, have created a website which uses Google Maps to display the nearest places where you can take a nap.

Now, do not think this to be similar to Airbnb. It is not and never will be. This is just a fun app created by the developers. If you check out the information of the places plotted, you can have a good laugh. Reason: They are funny.