NSA has almost complete control over your Apple iPhone

National Security Agency DROPOUTJEEP

The National Security Agency (NSA) reportedly has almost total access to your Apple iPhone since 2008 without even you knowing it. It may turn on your camera and mic, send your geolocation and retrieve your contact list without you getting even a slightest of hints.

According to the data revealed about NSA spy programs by Der Spiegel, a software named DROPOUTJEEP is implanted on your iPhone’s operating system using the CHIMNEYPOOL framework.

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Samsung 110-inch UltraHD TV launched, priced at $150,000

Samsung 110-inch UltraHD TV

Samsung Electronics, on Monday, launched the mammoth 110-inch UltraHD TV (110S9) making it the largest and first of a kind in the world.

The price of Samsung 110-inch UltraHD TV is $150000, in South Korea. It may vary in other countries but surely it will create a hole in your pocket.

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How does it feel to be an Intern at Google?

Intern at Google perks

Former interns at Google share their experiences on Quora about how they felt during their stay at the company.

Google’s internship program has always attracted a lot of people due to the perks and the way of life at the company. This is what few interns had to say:

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iOS totally crushed Android’s Christmas Day online sales

According to the IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark Hub, iOS-powered devices(iPhones and iPad) totally crushed the online sales of Android devices on the Christmas Day.

Apple’s iOS devices sold 5 times more than the devices powered by Google’s Android. Similar was the scene during the Black Friday shopping last month. Head-to-Head percentages(iOS vs Android): 23% vs 4.6%.
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Nokia Here Maps removed from iOS App Store

Nokia Here Maps, a navigation app for iPhone and iPad users, was removed by Nokia from the iOS App Store.

Nokia blames the recent changes to iOS 7 for the removal of the app. They believe it hinders the user experience. Users can still use the mobile version at m.here.com.

If users search for the Here Maps now on the App Store, they are going to be disappointed to see the message saying “It’s no longer available.”

A Nokia spokesperson told CNET:

We don’t want to blame Apple or iOS 7 — the app simply was not optimized for iOS 7 so we decided to remove it.

via: CNET

India shuts door on Bitcoin transactions

Bitcoin prices had a bumpy ride in the past few days. After reaching a high of above $1000, it fell after BTC China suspended Bitcoin transaction in China.

Now, India also has decided to shut doors on Bitcoin transactions after the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) disagreed to the idea of using the digital currency in the country.

According to the reports, this is said to be a precautionary step to prevent money laundering and other financial laws.

Nokia Lumia 1320 goes on sale in China today


Nokia Lumia 1320, which was announced at Nokia World 2013 in Abu Dhabi in October, will go on sale in China from today. It will also start selling in other parts of Asia like Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore in the coming week.

The Lumia 1320 sports a 6-inch Gorilla Glass screen and is less than 1cm thick. The touch is very sensitive for glove use and is a real delight to move things on this large screen.
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Apple’s New Patent: Voice-Based Image Tagging and Searching

Tired of searching and sorting your large collection of iPhone photos? Did you wish you could tell Siri to get a picture you have been looking for? Guess Apple will soon fulfill your wishes.

Apple, on Thursday, has filed for a patent titled “Voice-Based Image Tagging and Searching“. This is based on the theory that devices can perform natural language processing and can bind the processed text string to an entity(person, location, etc in a photo).
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Apple’s top execs and Tim Cook to visit Turkey to seal $4B deal

Apple's $4B Trukey deal

According to reports, Apple’s top executives and CEO, Tim Cook, will be visiting Turkey to meet up with Turkey’s President, Abdullah Gül, to sign off a $4 billion deal.

Turkey is working on changing the education system by replacing blackboards with iPads. The so called “FATIH” project includes buying of iPads for educational purposes.
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