Satya Nadella is the next Microsoft CEO?

Satya Nadella Microsoft CEO

Microsoft, for the past few months was in hunt of the next probable candidate to be the CEO of the company, looks like they have locked down their option. Satya Nadella is reported to be the next Microsoft CEO.

If appointed as the CEO, Satya Nadella will fill in the position which was left vacant after Steve Ballmer departed weeks ago. Satya emerged as a strong candidate in the five month search conducted by Microsoft board members and was headed by John Thompson.

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Hack Alert: Yahoo Mail accounts compromised

Yahoo Mail Logo

Yahoo reported on its Tumblr page that there was an attempt made to hack Yahoo Mail usernames and passwords.

The hack was attempted on a database which was situated on a third party server. As soon as the attack was identified, immediate action was taken and the passwords of affected users were reset.

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Facebook Paper: A Beautiful story telling app

Facebook Paper Story Telling App

Facebook announced today, the Facebook Paper, a new story telling app to share and explore all the interesting Facebook stories.

Paper is designed in such a way that it will immerse the user with its full screen distraction-free layouts. Users use more natural movements making it easier to create and share the beautiful stories you ever wanted.

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Google Glass: ‘OK Glass, Play a Game’

Google Glass Video Games

We expected that there would be games one day made for Google Glass and that day is today. Google has added 5 mini games to be played on your Glass. Get them from here and start playing by just saying ‘OK Glass, Play a Game’.

Google also posted a video which shows these mini games in action. The 5 mini games include games like Tennis, Balance (the book), Clay Shooter, Matcher and Shape Splitter (similar to fruit ninja).

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‘The Pirate Bay’: Alive in the Netherlands

The Pirate Bay breathes life in the Netherlands after a Dutch Court lifted the ban and allowed Internet Service Providers to unblock it in the country.

After being blocked in the Netherlands back in 2011 by the Hague District Court, the users still were able to access the file-sharing website through different aliases. On Tuesday, Hague District Court finally realized that the ban was ineffective and told ISPs Ziggo and XS4ALL that they can allow access to the website.

Samsung GALAXY S5 model number: ‘SM-G900’

We have heard a lot of rumors over the weeks about Samsung’s next flagship device, the Samsung GALAXY S5. Today SamMobile has received some solid and genuine information about the next smartphone in the GALAXY S series.

The GALAXY S5 is expected to have the model number SM-G900. SM-G900 will be suffixed with a character representing the region or cell phone carriers. This is a different approach Samsung has followed in assigning the model number.

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iOS for Cars: A sneak peek

iOS for Cars Dashboard

Apple’s iOS is a gem of operating system running on the most lovable iPhones and iPads. Soon enough, there will be iOS for Cars.

Apple had announced its plan on bringing the iOS to the car’s dashboard display back in June. Today, Steven Troughton-Smith, a developer, has uploaded a video to Youtube which gives us a sneak peek about how iOS for cars could work.

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Executive ditches Paypal for Clinkle

Clinkle Payment Startup

Clinkle, a new startup aimed at modernizing your payments, has hired an executive from the established payments giant Paypal.

Mike Liberatore served at Paypal for 5 years as Senior Director of finances for North American group and another large enterprise. He will join Clinkle and share his cast experience as a Chief Financial Officer(CFO).

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Galaxy Glass: Samsung’s answer to Google Glass

We have seen Google showing off its wearable tech in the form of Google Glass for more than a year now. Samsung also wants to launch its own version of smart glasses, tentatively known as Galaxy Glass.

According to a report on Korean Times, some Samsung officials (names not stated) said that Samsung is working on smart glasses which would probably be unveiled in September at IFA trade show in Berlin.

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Google acquires AI startup DeepMind for $400M

Google Acquires DeepMind AI

Google in the recent months has been on an acquiring spree. Recode reported that Google has bought the Artificial Intelligence startup DeepMind for $400M.

The deal was kept secret before Recode inquired about it. Recently Google acquired smart thermostat maker Nest as well as robot maker Boston Dynamics.

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