How dust and water resistant is Samsung Galaxy S5?

by Anoop Naik on 23rd April, 2014 last updated 26th August, 2017

Samsung Galaxy S5 Dust Water Resistant Video Ad

Samsung Galaxy S5 came out with some great features and two of them were: dust and water resistant. Everyone might have had a though that “How dust and water resistant is Samsung Galaxy S5?” For all those people, here is an answer from Samsung.

In the new ad for Galaxy S5, Samsung highlights the device's dust and water resistant features certified by IP67. In the ad, you can watch little naughty brats taking on the device by watering it, shooting it with water guns, putting a whole bag of baking powder on it and splashing water at it (and not to forget the one holding the phone).

How To: Rename Wordpress wp-content directory

by Anoop Naik on 20th April, 2014 last updated 23rd July, 2017

How To Rename Wordpress wp-content directory

Wordpress is a very popular content management system (CMS) and is used by more than 60% of people who use a CMS and at the same time accounting for 21.9% of all the websites out there.

Some people are fine using wordpress as it is but some people do not want others to know that they are using wordpress. This is the reason why some people might want to rename a few wordpress directories. One of the directories they want to rename is the wp-content directory. So now the question arises, "How to rename Wordpress wp-content directory?"

Let me stop you right there for a moment and tell you some things about the wp-content directory and how things are connected to it. The wp-content directory contains all the themes, plugins, media and caching directories. So renaming this directory has to be performed under utmost caution. If you do not do it in the right, your website can breakdown.

I should also warn you that renaming the wp-content directory will be a bad idea in some scenarios. One such scenario is when you use plugins and themes which do not follow the standard way of fetching the directory names. These plugins and themes hardcode "wp-content" directory name in code and if you happen to change the name of the directory, it would break your website or at least some functionality.

How To rename Wordpress wp-content directory

To successfully rename the wp-content directory and still have a fully functional website, you need to follow the below steps carefully. Do not miss any of the steps.

Steps to rename Wordpress wp-content directory

  • Rename the "wp-content" to "content" (I chose to rename it as content, you can choose any name you want). At this point, if you visit your plugins or theme panel, it will display an error saying files do not exist and since the plugin or theme was deactivated. Lets move to the next step.
  • In this step, we will be editing the wp-config.php file present in the root directory of your wordpress installation. It is better to keep a backup of this file before editing, just in case things get messy. Add the following two lines before "require_once(ABSPATH . 'wp-settings.php');" found in the wp-config.php file:
    define('WP_CONTENT_DIR',ABSPATH . 'content');define('WP_CONTENT_URL', 'http://' . $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] . '/content');

    The above code will tell wordpress that we are changing the wp-content to content

Congratulations, its done. You have successfully changed the name of wordpress wp-content directory in just two steps.

How To: Control YouTube video buffering with YouTube Center Add-on

by Anoop Naik on 15th April, 2014 last updated 23rd July, 2017

Control YouTube video buffering with YouTube Center Add-on

Google is constantly improvising YouTube's video streaming experience by switching to optimized video formats and enhanced streaming technology. This enhancement in the YouTube experience may help some users but in the meanwhile also annoys quite a few users on slow Internet connections.

One of the things which annoys me and probably many out there about YouTube, is restricting from being able to buffer the video when it is paused. Yes, I hate this. I have a slower Internet connection and I always prefer quality content (at least 480p) but YouTube's adoption of Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) does not allow me to buffer the video when it is paused. Due to this problem I end up watching low quality videos.

Probable Apple iPhone 6 specifications revealed in a report

by Anoop Naik on 10th April, 2014 last updated 23rd July, 2017

Probable Apple iPhone 6 specifications revealed in a report

A new research report sent by KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi-Kuo to investors includes the probable Apple iPhone 6 specifications. Kou is very accurate when it comes to predicting about Apple products.

According to the report sent on Thursday, a major noticeable change in iPhone 6 will be the placement of sleep/wake button. The sleep/wake button will be placed on the side instead of top of the iPhone. He is also sure that Apple will be releasing two different sizes of iPhones, 4.7-inch and a 5.5-inch iPhone.

Rumor: Apple iWatch release date set for September

by Anoop Naik on 9th April, 2014 last updated 23rd July, 2017


A new report claims that Apple iWatch release date could fall somewhere in the month of September, which further strengthens the previous claims suggesting that iWatch will be launched in the third quarter.

According to the sources, the three Flexible PCB suppliers: Flexium Interconnect, Zhen Ding Technology Holding and Career Technology have already submitted their circuit board samples to be used in manufacturing of Apple's iWatch.