Google Domains: Domain Registration Service Launched


Google is known to try its hand at everything and here we are with one of its new products. A Domain Registration Service.

Google Domains is what it is called and you can check it out at This is currently in the beta phase and will be serving on an invite-only basis. This could be a real competitor to the existing and established services like GoDaddy.

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BlackBerry CEO thinks $19B for BBM is a good deal

BlackBerry CEO thinks $19B for BBM is a good deal

BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, told CNBC in an exclusive interview that if a deal worth $19 billion to sell BBM is offered, he would convince shareholders to take it.

BBM is a moderately popular messaging service from BlackBerry and has 85 million active users. BlackBerry is seeing a downfall in the OS market share and the future seems unpredictable. Under such circumstances, if BlackBerry gets someone to buy BBM for $19 billion, it really would be pretty good deal.

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HTC introducing cheaper phones to increase revenue

HTC introducing cheaper phones

HTC had a disappointing year which saw its revenue slump. It has decided to make cheaper low-end phones to specifically target the developing markets.

HTC’s fourth quarter earnings report saw their income fall from $2 billion last year to $1.42 billion this year. A 28 percent drop in income is really a matter of concern.

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Twitter’s Q4 Report: Revenue up 116%, user growth slowing down

Twitter Logo Blue

Twitter released their 2013 Q4 Earnings Report on Wednesday (February 5,2014). According to the report, there is an increase in revenue year-over-year basis but the user growth is slowing down.

Twitter has 241 million monthly active users out of which 184 million of them were monthly active mobile users. The revenue has jumped to $243 million as compared to $112 million last year. That is an 116% increase.

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Apple’s top execs and Tim Cook to visit Turkey to seal $4B deal

Apple's $4B Trukey deal

According to reports, Apple’s top executives and CEO, Tim Cook, will be visiting Turkey to meet up with Turkey’s President, Abdullah Gül, to sign off a $4 billion deal.

Turkey is working on changing the education system by replacing blackboards with iPads. The so called “FATIH” project includes buying of iPads for educational purposes.
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Jack Dorsey elected by Walt Disney to be on board

Jack Dorsey, co-founder and executive board member of Twitter and Square, is elected to contest in Disney’s board according to a press release on Monday by Walt Disney.

Disney will have their annual meeting on March 18, 2014, when Dorsey will compete with other directors of the company.
Disney’s chairman, on electing Dorsey:

Jack Dorsey is a talented entrepreneur who has helped create groundbreaking new businesses in the social media and commerce spaces. The perspective he brings to Disney and its Board is extremely valuable, given our strategic priorities, which include utilizing the latest technologies and platforms to reach more people and to enhance the relationship we have with our customers.

Dorsey was humbled on his inclusion:

I am honored and humbled to join the Disney Board. Disney is a timeless company, one we all grow up learning from and admiring.

Recently, Dorsey gave up his 10% of his shares in Square back to the company. After Twitter’s IPO success, Square is also planning for its IPO debut.


Amazon Stocks surge past $400 for the first time

Amazon, the online megastore, surpassed its stock value past $400 for the fist time since inception. Stock price closed at $402.20 after reaching a high of $404.62 on Friday.

Back in July, its stock price went past $300 for the first time and now it is surpassing another hurdle. Though the stock prices are on the rise, Amazon is striving hard to make a profit. They are investing the returns in new data centers and other useful resources.

Amazon investors are not worried about not making profits as they are looking forward to the long-term benefits. Amazon’s stock price soared about 60% alone in 2013. Amazon had a strong holiday season which might have had a strong influence on the stocks. The announcement of Amazon drones have also got the stocks rising.

Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg plan to sell 70 million shares

Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg plan to sell 70 million shares

Facebook and founder, Mark Zuckerberg, are planning to sell around 70 million shares in the second offering. Facebook shares had a nice run this summer as compared to last year when each share fell below $30.

Out of the 70 million shares ready to be issued, 27 million are offered by Facebook and the other 43 million include shares from other stockholders. In the 43 million shares of stockholders, Zuckerberg will be contributing 41,350,000 shares.
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Bitcoin drops below $500 after BTC China stopped accepting deposits

Bitcoin dropped down below $500 after China’s largest Bitcoin operator stopped accepting deposits from customers. This move to stop taking deposits might be an outcome of China’s Central Bank banning financial institutions from handling Bitcoin transactions.

BTC China received a notice from a third-party payment provider, YeePay, which stated that it would no longer handle Bitcoin transaction for the company. Another payment provider, TenPay, also stopped their business.
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