Google Domains: Domain Registration Service Launched


Google is known to try its hand at everything and here we are with one of its new products. A Domain Registration Service.

Google Domains is what it is called and you can check it out at This is currently in the beta phase and will be serving on an invite-only basis. This could be a real competitor to the existing and established services like GoDaddy.

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World Wide Web turns 25 today

We have been using it for years but we hardly realize how World Wide Web(WWW) has grown over the years. WWW came into existence back in 1989 and it turns 25 today.

In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee, a British programmer working for CERN at the time proposed a system to communicate, access and manage information by hyper-linking pages. This system was adopted by the world and went on to become the World Wide Web where anybody in the world could access the information by using their web browsers.

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